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BKB Properties and StorageStudy.com is a full-service consulting firm specializing in self-storage development, feasibility studies, market analysis, financial analysis and sales & marketing plans in the self-storage industry.

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Competitor Evaluation Forms
Whether you are considering a new self storage development, the acquisition of an existing store, or trying to stay ahead of your existing competition, these forms will give you a concise process for evaluating individual competitors in your market. Know your competition before you build, after you build, and while you grow. You must know your competitors before you can beat them! Complete with examples!
Price: $59.95
Market Review Forms
As you compete in a market, know and understand the particulars of the supply and demand in your market. These forms allow you to quickly analyze the supply and demand in your market, as well as track pricing. This is a great tool for the would-be developer, and an absolute must for self storage managers. Complete with examples!
Price: $49.95
Market Review Tutorial
This brief tutorial will enable you and your company to identify your competition, analyze their features and benefits, and track the market. This package includes the Competitor Evaluation Forms and Samples, Market Review Forms and Samples, and instructions for getting the most out of your independent research. This is the best value as you get to know and understand Supply and Demand, and the features and benefits of all of your competitors.
Price: $89.95
Letter of Intent 1: Rezoning
Price: FREE!
Specific Large Market Review
Specific Small Market Review
Self Storage Feasibility: Depends on Market
Purchase Due Diligence: Depends on Market
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